Vitamix E310 Vs Vitamix 5200: Say “Yes” to One

In this Vitamix E310 vs 5200 comparison, we’ll examine the key similarities and differences, from motor power and speed settings to included containers and pricing.

The E310 is a more recent offering in Vitamix’s Explorian line, while the 5200 is a classic model that has stood the test of time.

Both blenders feature the quality construction that Vitamix is known for, but the E310 streamlines some features for a more affordable price point. The 5200 offers traditional control and the classic Vitamix experience.

With an overview of motors, speeds, programs, blades and more, this comparison will assist you in determining which of these Vitamix blenders best suits your needs and budget.

Vitamix E310 Vs 5200: Features and Differences

Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 5200 is two of the top models on the market. Both offer powerful blending and numerous features, but there are some key differences between the two that are worth noting.

This table clearly compares the Vitamix E310 and 5200 across several categories including container size, motor power, rotation speed, cord length, variable speed control, and price. Looking at the details side-by-side makes it easier to understand where each blender excels.

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
Container Size48 oz64 oz
Motor Power2.0 peak horsepower2.0 peak horsepower
Rotation Speed22,600 RPM22,500 RPM
Cord Length4.5 ft6 ft
Variable Speed ControlSingle switch from low to highHigh-variable speed switch
PriceMore affordableMore expensive

As shown, while both blenders offer a 2.0 peak horsepower motor, the E310 has a faster rotation speed and simpler variable speed control. However, the 5200 has a larger capacity and longer cord.

The E310 stands out as the more budget-friendly option. This overview summarizes the key similarities and differences to inform your blender purchase.

Performance and Usage Experience

The Vitamix E310 and 5200 are both powerful blenders, but have some key differences. This table compares the two models across container size, motor power, cord length, and overall performance to help summarize the distinctions.

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
Container Size48 oz (lower-profile)64 oz (taller)
Motor Power1.4 horsepower2.0 horsepower
Cord Length4.5 ft6 ft
Overall PerformanceVery goodSlightly better than E310

As shown, the Vitamix 5200 has a larger container capacity, longer cord, and more powerful motor compared to the E310. However, both models deliver excellent blending performance, with the 5200 rated slightly higher.

The E310 may be a better choice for smaller batches and limited counter space, while the 5200 is ideal for larger batches. Consider your needs to decide between these high-powered blenders.

Design and Functionality

The Vitamix E310 and 5200 are similar high-performance blender models by Vitamix, but there are some notable variances in their design and functionality. This table outlines the differences between the two blenders across several categories.

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
DesignLower-profile 48 oz containerTaller 64 oz container
4.5 ft cord6 ft cord
Explorian seriesClassic series
Functionality2 horsepower motor2 horsepower motor
Similar blend qualitySimilar blend quality
Smaller capacityLarger capacity
Shorter cordLonger cord
Very good performanceSlightly better performance

As shown, the key distinctions are that the E310 has a smaller, lower-profile container design with shorter cord, while the 5200 offers greater capacity and cord length. Both deliver exceptional blending power and quality. The 5200 is rated slightly higher in performance, but the E310 takes up less space.


When it comes to versatile high-performance blenders, the Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 5200 are both excellent options. This overview compares the key aspects of versatility between the two models, including container size, tamper, motor power, and the types of tasks they can handle.

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
Container Size48 oz (lower-profile)64 oz (taller)
Included TamperYesYes
Motor Power1.4 horsepower2 horsepower
Tasks HandledSmoothies, nut butter, frozen blends, etcSmoothies, nut butter, frozen blends, etc

In summary, both the E310 and 5200 are highly versatile thanks to their tampers and powerful motors. The 5200’s larger capacity and stronger motor may provide slightly more versatility, but the E310 still excels at most blending tasks. Consider your typical batch size and needs when deciding between these two excellent models.

Maintenance and Durability

When assessing the ease of use and durability of a high-powered blender like the Vitamix, factors like container size, cord length, motor strength, and warranty coverage are important to consider. This overview compares the Vitamix E310 and Vitamix 5200 across those key categories.

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
Container Size48 oz (easier to clean)64 oz (may be more difficult to clean)
Cord Length4.5 ft (shorter)6 ft (longer)
Motor Power1.4 horsepower (powerful & durable)2 horsepower (powerful & durable)
Warranty5-year warranty7-year warranty

In summary, the E310’s smaller container may be easier to use and clean, but the 5200 edges out in durability with its stronger motor and longer warranty.

Users Opinion

When considering which Vitamix blender model to purchase, it can be helpful to look at user reviews and feedback on key features like container size, cord length, and overall value. Here is an overview of user opinions on the Vitamix E310 vs the 5200:

FeatureVitamix E310Vitamix 5200
Container SizeUsers appreciate smaller size for storage and cleaningUsers like larger capacity for batches
Cord LengthShorter length not an issue for mostLonger length appreciated by some
ValueSeen as good value for the price by manySeen as reliable and durable by users

In summary, users praise the smaller container size of the E310 for easy storage and cleaning, while the 5200’s larger capacity is better for bigger batches. The E310’s shorter cord isn’t a major complaint, while some like the 5200’s longer cord. Both models rate well on overall value and performance. These user perspectives can help inform which blender is the best fit.

Which one is Value for Money and Why?

The Vitamix E310 is often praised by users for its smaller, more manageable size that makes storage and cleaning easier. Its shorter cord is not seen as a major inconvenience by most. Many reviewers feel the E310 represents a good value for the price.

Users compliment the Vitamix 5200’s larger capacity container for handling bigger batches. Some appreciate the longer cord length. Reviews highlight the durability and reliability of the 5200, with users mentioning its power for blending tough ingredients.

While both models receive positive reviews and deliver high performance, the feedback suggests the E310 fits the needs of those wanting a smaller blender at a more affordable price point.

Meanwhile, the 5200 satisfies users looking for maximum capacity and durability at a premium price. Understanding these nuances can help choose the right Vitamix model based on individual blending needs and budget. Please let me know if this revised comparison better summarizes the user opinions from the search results.


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