Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Both are Better

The two popular Vitamix Explorian series blender models – the E320 and E520. These mid-range blenders deliver the quality that Vitamix is known for at a more budget-friendly price point.

When deciding between the Vitamix E320 vs E520, there are some key similarities and differences to consider. Both blenders boast powerful 2.2 peak horsepower motors and come with 64oz low-profile containers.

  • The E520 adds in useful features like a digital timer, pulse function, and aircraft-grade stainless steel blades.
  • The E320 takes a more simplistic approach for blending without all the bells and whistles.

In this comparison guide, we’ll go over the motor, speeds, programs, container size and material, blades, and other details on the Vitamix E320 and E520. With this overview, you’ll be able to determine which Explorian model better suits your blending needs and budget.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Features and Differences

The Vitamix E320 and E520 are both powerful blenders in the Explorian series with some key differences. The table below compares the motor power, container size and type, control panel, additional accessories, and warranty for each model.

ModelVitamix E320Vitamix E520
Motor Power2.2 horsepower1400-watt
Container Size and Type64 oz classic64 oz low-profile
Control Panel3-button setupVariable speed + programs
Additional AccessoriesNoneTwo 0.7L tumblers
Warranty7 years7 years

The E320 has a powerful 2.2 HP motor but a simpler control panel with just 3 buttons. The E520 offers more blending programs and variable speed control, along with extra tumbler cups. Both come with a generous 7-year warranty. The E320 may be better for basic blending needs while the E520 adds more settings and accessories.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Performance and Usage Experience

Smoothies for breakfast, homemade hummus for lunch, and blended soups for dinner – a high-powered blender like the Vitamix E320 or E520 can be a cooking game-changer. But between the classic E320 with its brute horsepower and the sleek E520 with variable speeds, which model will rule your kitchen?

Let’s compare these two Explorian series blenders from Vitamix to see how they stack up. While both can whip up culinary masterpieces, the E320’s brawn and simplicity may beat out the more high-tech E520 for average blending needs.

Read on for a breakdown of power, performance, price and ease of use before deciding if old-school or new-school is best for your blending style!

ModelVitamix E320Vitamix E520
PowerMore powerful 2.2 HP motor1400-watt motor
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive
QualityHigh-quality for home and hostingHigh-quality for home and hosting

The E320 has a simple 3-button control panel. Users report this makes it very easy to use for basic blending tasks like smoothies, purees, and mixing batters. Its powerful 2.2 HP motor handles tough ingredients easily on the high setting. The 64oz classic container is ideal for larger batches.

The E520 has variable speed control and pre-programmed settings. Users praise the flexibility this provides to fine-tune textures. The pulse feature allows better control over chopping. The 64oz low-profile container fits under cabinets easily. The included tumblers are great for individual smoothies.

Both are reported to be high-quality, durable blenders suitable for home use or hosting events. According to Vitamix, the E320 closely mimics the 5300 model which is more powerful than the E520.

Considering its lower price but similar performance, the E320 seems to stand out as a great option for straightforward blending needs.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Design and Functionality

The Vitamix E320 and E520 both have 64oz containers, but the E320’s wider container handles large batches better. It houses a stronger 2.2 HP motor and low-profile tamper.

The E520’s narrower pitcher excels at smaller servings, powered by a 1,400-watt motor and classic tamper. The E320 keeps it simple with dial controls while the E520 has a high-tech touchpad interface.

And the E320 costs less than the pricier E520. So decide between the E320 for brute power and batch blending or the E520 for sleekness and small batches.

Here is the full comparison:

ModelVitamix E320Vitamix E520
Container design64oz, wide & short64oz, narrow & tall
Power2.2 peak HP motor1,400 watt motor
PriceLess expensiveMore expensive
ControlsDial with High/LowTouchpad with programs
TamperBuilt-in low-profileClassic tamper

In summary, the E320 seems better for large batches and simplicity, while the E520 offers small-batch convenience and sleeker controls.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Versatility

With their powerful motors and adjustable speed controls, both the Vitamix E320 and E520 can tackle a wide range of blending tasks. However, their container sizes and tamper designs make them each better suited for certain jobs.

The E520’s larger 64 oz container gives it an edge for blending large batches of smoothies, soups, or other liquids. Its narrower shape also works well for smaller servings. The E320’s smaller 48 oz pitcher is better optimized for medium batches.

When it comes to thick mixtures, the E320’s stronger 2.2 peak HP motor can power through tougher ingredients without straining. Its low-profile tamper also reaches thicker blends more easily. The E520’s classic tamper has more limitations.

Both models share handy pulse and variable speed features for fine-tuning texture and consistency as needed.

So while the E520’s bigger capacity suits larger volumes, the E320 provides greater versatility for dense ingredients. Consider batch sizes and material difficulty when choosing between these capable blenders.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Maintenance and Durability

When comparing the durability and ease of maintenance of the Vitamix E320 and E520 blenders, there are several key factors that show how both models are built to last.

The table below outlines the warranty, cleaning, quality, and replacement part availability of each blender:

Maintenance and Durability Comparison

Blender ModelWarrantyEase of CleaningQualityAvailability of Replacement Parts
Vitamix E3207 yearsSelf-cleaning function makes it easy to cleanHigh-quality materialsReadily available from Vitamix website
Vitamix E5207 yearsSelf-cleaning function makes it easy to cleanHigh-quality materialsReadily available from Vitamix website

The standout features for both blenders are the long 7-year warranties and easy self-cleaning functions. This highlights the durability and low maintenance required for both the Vitamix E320 and E520. When examining factors like quality and replacement part availability, the two models are evenly matched.

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Users Opinion

Both the Vitamix E320 and E520 are renowned in the world of kitchen appliances for their durability and performance. Customers often rave about their exceptional blending capabilities, emphasizing their user-friendliness and ease of cleaning.

Despite the shared reputation for excellence, there are distinct differences between the two models. Some consumers have a penchant for the E320 due to its affordability and a design tailored for wider containers.

In contrast, the E520 receives accolades for its generous capacity and an iconic tamper. When making a choice between these two models, it boils down to individual preferences and the specific requirements of the user.

Comparison Table: Vitamix E320 vs E520

FeatureVitamix E320Vitamix E520
RatingHighly ratedHighly rated
User PreferenceAppreciated for lower price point and wider container design.Favored for larger capacity and classic tamper.
Ease of Use & CleaningEasy to use and cleanEasy to use and clean
VersatilityPowerful & versatilePowerful & versatile

Vitamix E320 vs Vitamix E520: Which one is Value for Money and Why?

Vitamix E320 is generally considered to be a better value for money compared to the Vitamix E520.

The E320 is more affordable and has a wider container design, making it better suited for blending larger quantities of ingredients. It is also more powerful than the E520, which allows it to blend tougher ingredients better.

However, the E520 has a larger 64-ounce container, making it better suited for larger batches of food or drinks. Ultimately, the choice between the two blenders may come down to personal preference and specific needs.


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